RequestControl v0.1.0

RequestControl has been designed for businesses that utilise DJ’s or live entertainment. We’ve taken the simple concept of requesting songs from a DJ and adapted it to become a powerful tool to help venue’s better utilise their hired entertainment, improve customer experience and ultimately deliver a more tangible ROI.

How Does It Work?

Request Control is a song request system which allows patrons to control the music by requesting songs from predetermined playlists via their mobile phone. The patron is able to see their song choice appear on a screen alongside their name, then watch as it disappears once their request if fulfilled.

By allowing the song choice to only come from a list that the DJ determine, customers are made to feel in control while the DJ is still ultimately able to maintain the venues atmosphere and entertainment.

It is a simple yet functional program that opens new opportunities for customer engagement and dramatically improves customer experience and retention. The program also works as a data collection tool and allows the ability to market directly to their customers phone.

Below are the 3 user interfaces. They are designed for specific devices in relation to their usage
They all scale accordingly but please consider the device the end user will be using. alternatively you can visit the links listed in the buttons below on your desired device
If nothing is appearing in the DJ panel / Playlist display, log in as a patron and request some tracks! The delay between allowed requests is 10 seconds for this demo.
Ensure that you log out of the DJ Interface when complete, otherwise you’ll be unable to login to the patron interface.

Demo Logins

Please ensure you’ve read the introduction to fully understand functionality.


Password: rattle
(best viewed on iPad)

Ensure you log out when finished!


no password required
(best viewed on computer screen)


Use your name & email
(best viewed on Mobile Device)